Bio Andria Yakoubian

Andria Yakoubian

Andria Yakoubian has a bachelor’s degree in television production and has worked in television for almost 25 years. As a producer of television commercials, news promotions, and children’s programs, she loves to create something from nothing and then instantly see her work play out on a TV.

As a child, her grandmother told her stories about her Swedish-born great-grandmother. That’s when her Genealogy interest began.

Andria is now consumed by the world of genetic genealogy and is constantly learning, searching, and teaching it to others. Her biggest DNA find is learning her biological father didn’t share ancestors with his family name. That’s right. He was an NPE (Non-paternity event)! He was the 5th son of 6 to the same two parents, but his father wasn’t his father…oops!

Another great DNA discovery was learning that her great-grandfather had fathered a child in France during World War I. The only thing the family knew about their unknown father was that he once was an American Soldier named Smith. DNA results connected the dots to Andria’s great grandfather, Walter Amos Smith!

Andria is married to Meteorologist Todd Yakoubian, and they have two young boys, Blake and Preston. Yakoubian is an Armenian name. The -IAN means “son of,” and Yakob is a variation of Jacob. So Yakoubian means “Jacobson.”