Bio Scott Lee

Scott Lee

Scott Lee is a retired software engineer that has researched his family history since 1979. He has served as an officer in several genealogical societies and lectures on genealogical topics. Currently, he is president of the Arkansas Genealogical Society. In 1995, he helped design the GEDCOM 5.5 standard for transporting genealogical data, improving its syntax to be more easily read by software and fixing several issues in date specifications. He created the calendar conversion website and his date manipulation library (sdncal20) is used by many software packages including PHP which is used in more than half of all websites. Scott grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, but his work took him to Indiana, Oregon, North Carolina, and New York City. In retirement, he, and his wife, Deirdre, have returned to their families in Arkansas. His career included the medical field, engineering computer graphics, and consulting in the process of building reliable software. In retirement, he is working in the design of deep learning neural networks and software for genealogy. In his spare time, he enjoys writing science fiction, studying ancient calendars, writing open source software, keeping up with the latest advances in physics and astronomy, and of course researching his family history.